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Hi, I'm Michael, welcome to Cruz Design. Helping you develop creative digital content strategies for your business. Collaboration, Interactive and User Experience design is my passion.

Let’s build an engaging digital connection between your end users and you, by providing an environment for online interaction and clear communication.

End result

Responsive web design: Creating from an idea to a fully functional Website. If you want a professional website that resizes across multiple devices and screens with UX design in mind, then you are on the right track.

Interactive design: Giving a punch to your presentation and leaving an impression on your audience through animation.


UX design, content strategy, web design, html5/css3, interactive design, web animation, wireframing, illustration, storyboarding, prototyping, web analytics, english, portuguese, spanish, and teaching.

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My process

To build an engaging digital connection between your end users and you, by developing an understanding of the end users needs and your project goals. To do this, I follow the User Centered Design process which enables me to have a clear path.

Connect: Establish direct communication with stakeholders.

Research: Gather data regarding end users via interviews, other people’s work similar to the project, creating personas, possible scenarios, and valuable information from stakeholders.

Design: Based on the collected data, I start sketching, wireframing and prototyping possible solutions for the project in consideration.

Develop: From the design I create a functional prototype with html5 / css3 that is ready to be tested.

Test: Now the project is open for the users and stakeholders to have a ‘drive’ and experience the functionality, look and feel of the project prototype.

Review: Collect end users feedback based on their interaction with the project prototype. Consider possible enhancements and modifications.

Deploy: Apply modifications and let the end users and stakeholders try the prototype. If they are happy with it, the project is deployed.

Evaluate: Then it’s time to have a look at the project with the stakeholders and get their feedback.

Understanding UC Design

Understanding UC Design Illustration

DevNet New Zealand project case study

Client wanted a new CMS website. The requirements were a clean and easy to use website that communicated DevNet’s organisational values, connect people, and facilitate resources for students, academics and development practitioners.

To meet the clients requirements, I created a content flow based on information provided from the project interviews and research. From those we selected one to be design, tested and deployed. See the images below.

Client feedback. The committee were delighted with the overall look of the website, with comments such as "fantastic job", "great showcase for DevNet", "clear and intuitive layout", "great design", "I like the clean look of the website".

Project personas

DevNet persona study

DevNet persona study: Lynda

DevNet persona study

DevNet persona study: Matthew

Content flow

DevNet website design flow

DevNet website content flow

DevNet website design

DevNet home page wireframe and about us page wireframe information to be considered

Final work

DevNet website design

DevNet website design

Live website: www.devnet.org.nz

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Contact details

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